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Clara Technologies Corp. is a provider of IT software designed specifically for Amazon sellers. The software allows Amazon sellers to efficiently manage, launch, and promote their products on their landing pages. It also offers features to control sales and purchases, create and increase customer email lists, and bring traffic through Facebook and other social networks.

Who We Are?

Clara Technologies Corp. distributes the software online to Amazon sellers. The software enables users to work with multiple Amazon marketplaces on a single account, create distinctive tabs for different components of their business, and use template widgets or create new ones. The software also provides a wide range of data points to help users make charts, graphs, and KPIs, and collect order client data to analyze product statistics such as profits, margins, and ROI.  Additionally, it  has powerful search engines to find top customers, highest return customers, customers by name with order history, clients that used certain promo codes, or left feedback sorting by a multitude of filters to find target buyers or the orders with discounts, customer name, order ID, ASIN, SKU, price, date range, product returns.

Moreover Clara Technologies Corp. provides professional services to clients who want to sell their products on Amazon’s online marketplace. These services include creating of high-quality product listings which involves correction of product descriptions, optimizing product images, and ensuring that products are properly categorized and listed in relevant search results; optimizing product content which involves analyzing the performance of existing product listings and identifying areas for improvement to help clients improve their rankings in search results and increase their chances of making sales; providing strategic advice on how to increase sales and maximize profits on the platform.

Additionally, Clara Technologies Corp. offers teaching services to clients who want to learn how to list and trade on the Amazon platform themselves. These services may include online courses and one-on-one coaching sessions, all aimed at helping clients understand the intricacies of Amazon’s platform and how to best leverage it for their business.

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A unique suite of tools for Amazon sellers

Client Management

The software allows Amazon sellers to export clients based on various criteria, such as repeat buyers, minimum amount spent, and excluding promotional buyers. This process involves managing, coordinating, and overseeing a company's interactions between potential and existing clients, with the opportunity to acquire new prospective clients and fostering relationships with lifelong customers. The software enables Amazon sellers to provide fast and personalized responses to clients, including calls back, finding desirable products, and controlling the delivery of goods.

Customizable Dashboards

Clara’s Software custom dashboard enables Amazon sellers to display a specific set of metrics and data points on one screen. The software combines data from multiple sources and calculates new metrics, KPIs, conversion rates, and ROI without coding or spreadsheets. Instantly, it shows top product segments from the most profitable to the lowest profitable SKUs, and analyzes them within specific time ranges. Clara Capital Corp. offers the ability to turn key data visualizations and dashboards into regularly scheduled email reports for daily and bi-weekly updates as well as tracking goals. The dashboard layouts are customizable, allowing users to drag widgets by selecting the widget's title and moving them to the relevant location. Additionally, users can rearrange the order of the widgets, reorganize them in columns or remove them if required, and resize dashboard columns.

Products manager

Clara Capital Corp. offers a Products Manager tool for Amazon sellers to monitor their products' stats and details. It enables sellers to analyze data points based on different time ranges and effortlessly view parent and child views of their products. With software tools, sellers can track their products' sales history, monitor changes in product ranking, and analyze their products' performance in terms of volume and sales amount. Clara's software also allows sellers to track and compare multiple metrics at once, including profits vs margins, reviews vs inventory, sessions vs. conversions, TACoS vs ACoS, and more, using product-specific charts and overview graphs. Sellers can view statistics for all product variations grouped by parent ASIN and monitor their performance with our easy-to-read mini graphs. Additionally, important data such as daily velocity, revenue share, BSR history, and estimated days of stock based on inventory levels and average sales per day can be viewed. Clara's software also allows sellers to manually add multiple COGS or bulk upload them using a pre-filled CSV file, providing a proper sales breakdown in the dashboard and products module.

Orders manager

The orders manager tool allows for a customizable view of current orders, including order details such as product, buyer, and shipping information. Users can filter by date range or specific order types using the Search function. The tool also enables various order-related tasks, such as printing packing slips, confirming shipment, or issuing refunds. It is designed for multichannel, multifulfillment sellers and offers a comprehensive view of sales and order fulfillment data. It synchronizes data from various sources, including sales channels, CRM, warehouses, 3PLs, and POS systems, to help retailers minimize storage costs and free up capital. Amazon sellers can use the software tools to track inventory levels, deliveries, sales, and orders originating from their Amazon sales channels, and import FBA orders and inventory for accurate customer data and analytics. It also allows for forecasting per FBA warehouse, providing detailed information such as buy box price, units sold, and sales velocity.

Review Requester

Review Requester enables users to automatically request reviews and feedback for their products and track all reviews in one place. The software automatically requests reviews from customers on Amazon's Manage Order page and provides a centralized view of all product reviews. Users can sort and search for reviews by product title or ASIN, and select’ specific ASINs for review requests. Advanced reporting and activity log features allow users to track review request activities and monitor new and existing product reviews within a selected time period. To improve response time on Amazon, the auto-responder feature automatically replies to new customer messages, and users can review and respond to messages when they are available.


ASIN Spy is an All-in-One Amazon sales tracker designed to track actual sales of Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) products, sale rank, change in number of reviews, and change in sentiment based on customer reviews. It enables customers to understand the shortcomings of their competitors and improve their own products. The machine algorithm predicts the sentiment expressed by customers and allows customers to monitor their competition and take quick action. ASIN Spy also sends out email alerts when negative sentiment or negative reviews are detected, helping customers prevent negative feedback, and providing up to three months of historical data. 

Customer Segments

Customer segmentation tool helps to divide the customer base into groups and sub-groups based on their characteristics or patterns. 

The tool employs various segmentation methods such as demographic (age, sex, education, marital status, family income, nationality), geographic (country, area, city, population, zip code), behavioral (purchase history, attitude toward product or brand, buyers’ searches, timing), and psychographic (habits, hobbies, political views, lifestyle, social status) segmentation to enable our customers to target their customers in personalized and effective ways, which increases the likelihood of converting them into paying clients.

The process of customer segmentation begins with the collection of customer information, which is then used by the tool to perform segmentation. 

The software utilizes social media insight data to assist companies in focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs), streamlining the process of data collection and distribution.

Product segments

This tool designed to divide products into small, real-time segments based on similar characteristics such as ASIN, ratings, sales, prices, and more. This enables to focus on each segment individually and monitor the products within those segments. 

The tool allows for the instant viewing of critical product information, including cost of goods sold (COGS), sales history, units sold, average sales, and other relevant data. In addition, any new products that meet the segment's conditions will be automatically added to the group. 


Monitor the performance of each product segment individually through detailed sales overview graphs to tailor the attention to the most profitable segments