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ZonPages Additional Tools

ZonPages Additional Tools

Among the most popular and useful additional tools of ZonPages are:


ZonSales offers Amazon sellers the alerts that notify them of critical product changes that could harm their business in the marketplace, helping them handle issues quickly. The software enables sellers to monitor reviews, track keyword rankings and BSR history, estimate profit margins, and spy on competitors, all from one easy-to-navigate dashboard. ZonSales helps sellers search for potentially successful products and validate their ideas using a calculator to estimate costs and profit margins. The software enables sellers to build more optimized product listings and monitor their competitors. Additionally, our tracker protects sellers' businesses by keeping them aware of all listing changes, Buybox hijackers, and product suppressions with smart notifications.

ZonSales offers an option for Amazon sellers to set notification preferences per product and receive alerts immediately or as a report with all changes to their email daily. The software helps sellers not to miss any changes in Amazon products, including their own and those of their competitors. This enables them to proceed with resolving issues instantly and protecting their brand reputation.

Keywords Monitoring

AMZ keyword tracking is essential to the success of any e-commerce company. It enables users to track and monitor their product rankings and competitors' ratings on target keywords. Historical rankings can be viewed, allowing for comparisons and analysis of improvements or deteriorations over time. The tool provides valuable data for further analysis, including comparison with competitors' search terms. In addition, the software offers feedback monitoring for Amazon product reviews, detecting new critical and positive reviews, reviews removals and changes, and critical reviews upvoting. Instant review alerts via email allow for immediate issue handling to improve brand reputation management and provide customer insights on how to improve products. The tool also enables analysis of competitors and their product features, influences clients’ purchasing decisions, and has a direct impact on sales.

QR Code Generator

This tool enables users to create customized QR codes for their campaigns and corporate identity without any coding. 18 Users can generate brand-matching designs for their QR codes in minutes by adding their logo, customizing the shape and form of the corner elements, and applying their choice of fonts and colors. Dynamic QR codes feature provides users with flexibility by allowing them to edit or change a part of the code, rather than the entire code, thus avoiding invalid URLs.

Keyword Finder

Keyword finder tool helps sellers to identify popular search terms and trends to improve their product offerings and optimize their Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. Using keyword niche finder tool, sellers can research frequently searched keywords to choose and sell products for maximum profitability.

Reverse ASIN

The software utilizes the reverse ASIN lookup technique to identify high-performing keywords associated with the products. This involves analyzing the listing of the competitors' products to determine the keywords for which their listings are indexed in Amazon's search results. The tool provides a list of keywords, along with their associated cost-per-click and search volume data. The sellers compare these keywords to their own to identify potential opportunities for optimization. The tool includes the analyze of the results by reviewing the relevancy score, search volume, and CPC bid amount for all keywords used by the competitors in their product listing. The tool also includes a switch option to identify common and exclusive keywords across multiple listings. To monitor the performance of these keywords, software tracks their position and rank in search results and export them to an excel sheet for future reference. This information is used to inform the marketing and advertising strategies and improve the visibility and sales of the products.

Email Automation

This tool enables users to manage their contacts and automate email campaigns using a simple user interface. The email marketing feature allows users to create personalized newsletters and messages targeted to their customers' interests, using segmentation and workflows to automate marketing. The software’s smart CRM with email and sales automation keeps customer data organized in one platform. Moreover, users can message their customers at important times, using powerful email sequences tailored to individual products and buyer behaviors. Users can create effective custom templates with emojis, animated gifs, file attachments, and custom HTML, and A/B test email subject lines to improve open rates. Users can also customize follow-up messages with promo codes, personalized recommendations, or helpful information about their products, using custom images, variables, and file attachments.