ZonPages – Software designed for Amazon Sellers


ZonSales offers Amazon sellers the alerts that notify them of critical product changes that could harm their business in the marketplace, helping them handle issues quickly. The software enables sellers to monitor reviews, track keyword rankings and BSR history, estimate profit margins, and spy on competitors, all from one easy-to-navigate dashboard. ZonSales helps sellers search for potentially successful products and validate their ideas using a calculator to estimate costs and profit margins. The software enables sellers to build more optimized product listings and monitor their competitors. Additionally, our tracker protects sellers’ businesses by keeping them aware of all listing changes, Buybox hijackers, and product suppressions with smart notifications.

ZonSales provides current alert types:

– Title changes.

– Product description changes.

– Bullet point changes.

– Product image changes.

– Parent ASIN changes.

– New questions added to Q&A.

– Product listing suspensions and suppressions.

– Out-of-stock issues.

– Product rating changes.

– Rating number changes.

– New product reviews added, including upvotes on critical reviews.

ZonSales offers an option for Amazon sellers to set notification preferences per product and receive alerts immediately or as a report with all changes to their email daily. The software helps sellers not to miss any changes in Amazon products, including their own and those of their competitors. This enables them to proceed with resolving issues instantly and protecting their brand reputation.