Amazon Buyer Opt Out - What To Do?

Amazon Buyer Opt Out - What To Do?

Have you received one of these from Amazon lately:

“Dear Seller,
We were unable to deliver the message you sent for order [XXX-XXX-XXXX-XXX] because the buyer has chosen to opt out of receiving unsolicited messages from sellers…”

Don’t panic! A few days ago, Amazon made a change in their Buyer-Seller messaging system: Now an Amazon customer can opt out of messages from ALL sellers (not just you).

Amazon will now automatically block all the messages that are sent to buyers who have chosen to “opt out of unsolicited messages.”

Amazon will still allow you to override a buyer’s opt-out, if you want to send critical order completion messages addressing such issues as product customization questions, delivery scheduling or issues with a shipping address.

Opt out information is not YET available through the MWS API (API we use to automate tasks, such as emails, through ZonPages), so we can not automatically stop emails going to customers that opt out from all seller messages.

However, you can now block buyers who have chosen to “opt out of unsolicited messages” by forwarding “Your message to a buyer could not be delivered” emails from Amazon to blacklist at zonpages dot com or by manually entering the order IDs to Blacklist in Email Autoresponder. In most mail providers you can set an automatic filter to send such messages automatically, so, you will never send another message to the “Blocked” buyer with Email Autoresponder.



Email Autoresponder will not send any emails to “Blocked” buyers, and this “Blocked” list is global, meaning once any user blocks the buyer it is blocked for every seller.

This came directly from AMAZON SELLER CENTRAL:

“No accounts will be suspended for this, as we recognize that there is no way for you to gain access to this information. While the original response was strongly worded, this will be changing in the very near future, and the aspect of suspension will be removed from future messages.

For now, our suggestion is keeping a list of the buyers for whom you receive these notifications, and add them to a blacklist for future communications. We are looking into ways to make this information available so that this workaround doesn’t have to be the primary way of tracking this data.”

Make sure you have an automated blocking set up by forwarding us all the the messages with a title “Your message to a buyer could not be delivered” from “” to blacklist at zonpages dot com., and YOU ARE SAFE!

To learn more about ZonPages automated email sequencer click here:

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