A perfect launch : guarantee the top rankings in Amazon!

A perfect launch : guarantee the top rankings in Amazon!

ZonPages is excited to introduce a NEW TOOL, that, if used correctly, can guarantee a perfect launch of your product. A friend of ZonPages and an expert marketer Mikee Shattuck was the first to invent and use this launch strategy to obtain the AMAZING results below:

ZonPages worked closely with Mikee to develop a perfect tool around this strategy. The core tool for this launch strategy is called a GiveAway Page. And here is a live example:


The launch strategy involves:

  • Building a perfect GiveAway page
  • Using Youtube to get sign-ups
  • Using Facebook Video Ads to get more targeted sign-ups
  • Training your FB Pixel to perfection, to make FB ads cheaper
  • Creating your perfect email list for the launch

To Create Your GiveAway Page click on Pages, and then on “Create GiveAway Page”:

With ZonPages GiveAway page you can:

  • Create a perfect GiveAway Page
  • Upload Photo/Video
  • Edit HTML
  • Set up and train your Facebook Pixel
  • Set up GiveAway Rules and Scheduling
  • Collect Emails and Sync them to your List
  • Attach this GiveAway page to your own domain and more!

If you have questions to Mikee or want to get his expert advice, here is a link to his live training event (don’t forget to mention ZONPAGES to get 30% OFF):

Private Label Collective by Mikee Shattuck


Feel free to ask any questions! Good luck launching new products with ZonPages.com

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