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How to Use your ManyChat Integration

Posted by Andrea Ladish on Feb 15, 2019
1. What do you need? You only need an active ManyChat PRO account. If you don't have one, then sign up to the service here. 2. Import our template. To get started, you need to install our prepared ManyChat Template. Simply click on the...

Using the "Refund Initiated" event in the email auto responder.

Posted by ZonPages on Aug 01, 2017
Timing is everything when a refund has been initiated by your client. So to be able to respond as fast as possible we have set up an email account where you can forward the "Refund initiated for order ...." notifications you receive from Amazon...

A perfect launch : guarantee the top rankings in Amazon!

Posted by Leo Limin on Mar 29, 2017
ZonPages is excited to introduce a NEW TOOL, that, if used correctly, can guarantee a perfect launch of your product. A friend of ZonPages and an expert marketer Mikee Shattuck was the first to invent and use this launch strategy to obtain the AMA...
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