My Email Autoresponder is not sending out emails, what can I do?

My Email Autoresponder is not sending out emails, what can I do?
Often users expect the Email AutoResponder (EAR) to send out emails right away; however, please bear in mind that:
1. The EAR will only work for emails sent out AFTER the activation date of the EAR.
2. Delivered, Out for Delivery statuses are based on information we receive from DHL, FEDEX, UPS, and USPS. If packages are sent with other carriers then those events will not trigger.
3. Make sure you have the ‘Use Estimated Delivery Times for Unsupported Carriers’ option enabled in your settings.
4. Orders that were gifts on Amazon will not be sent an email since they will not provide any contact information.
We have created a tool whereby you can check for each order why a specific EAR is not triggering.
Click on the ‘Check Order’ link.

On the next page, you can see a list of your latest orders and the status they have against the EAR. You can also simply enter an order ID there, and then find the order directly.

For each order, you can see exactly at which point in time we detected an event.  Over to the right, you will see a final status of that order for this particular EAR.
For example, in the order, we searched for in this image you can see that the status is Ignored. This order was created/placed before the activation of the EAR.
Other statuses are:
  • Pending: order matches all the criteria of this EAR, but the event has not triggered. (for example, 3 days have not passed since the order was delivered)
  • Ignored: order is ignored for this EAR.
  • Sent: the EAR triggered, and has already sent an email to the client.

If you have any queries, we’ll gladly check them for you – simply contact us.

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