How to create a ManyChat Integration

How to create a ManyChat Integration

Creating a new MCI is really easy, you would just have to follow these steps:

1) Go to ManyChat Coupons in your dashboard.

2) Once there you’ll have to click on Create New MCI.

3) Fill up the required spaces.

  1. This is the title for your MCI, please keep in mind that this title is only for your reference, it will not be shown elsewhere.
  2. Copy and paste all the coupon codes you want to deliver.
  3. Choose your Target URL, it can be any type of URL that you want to use.
  4. Determine your daily coupon limit.

Don’t forget to click on Create an MCI to ensure your settings are saved.

4) You can now see your new MCI and will be able to click on How to use in order to learn how to install it and how to work with it.


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