Starting with the Email Autoresponder

Posted by ZonPages on Jul 13, 2017
The Email autoresponder allows you to send messages to your Amazon clients based on certain events. For example, you could send an E-Book to your client when their order has been shipped or delivered. First click on the “Email autoresponder” li...

Edit Product Short Names in Email Auto-responder

Posted by ZonPages on Jun 16, 2017
Now you can edit the product short name for each of your products in the Email Auto-responder. To edit the short name of your product you can simply edit your email auto responder and skip to the content part. There you will find a b...

Amazon Buyer Opt Out - What To Do?

Posted by Leo Limin on Mar 30, 2017
Have you received one of these from Amazon lately: "Dear Seller, We were unable to deliver the message you sent for order [XXX-XXX-XXXX-XXX] because the buyer has chosen to opt out of receiving unsolicited messages from sellers..." Don't pa...

A perfect launch : guarantee the top rankings in Amazon!

Posted by Leo Limin on Mar 29, 2017
ZonPages is excited to introduce a NEW TOOL, that, if used correctly, can guarantee a perfect launch of your product. A friend of ZonPages and an expert marketer Mikee Shattuck was the first to invent and use this launch strategy to obtain the AMA...

Auto-Responder Update

Posted by ZonPages on Mar 14, 2017
We have recently updated the auto responder with a new feature : Set delivered on estimated delivery. Currently auto-responders detect if a package has been delivered by checking with the actual carrier. However this only works with USPS,UPS an...

Setting up your Email Autoresponder

Posted by ZonPages on Feb 22, 2017
An Email Autoresponder allows you to automatically email your clients based on the status of your orders in Amazon. And it is great for : Asking your clients to review the products. Asking your clients to leave a feedback. Responding to...

How to Create Single Use Percentage Off Amazon Promo/Claim Codes (Discount Coupons)

Posted by ZonPages on Feb 21, 2017
Amazon allows you to generate percentage-off promotional coupons that you can use to promote your products. You can create either group claim codes or single-use claim codes for your promotion or giveaway. Group codes have no usage limits. Many cu...

Email Autoresponder FAQ

Posted by ZonPages on Feb 20, 2017
What does the Email Autoresponder do? It allows you to automatically send emails to your customers based on events that you pre-define. Such as : Order has been created, shipped, delivered. Etc.   Is this allowed by Amazon? Yes, a...
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