Auto-Responder Update

Auto-Responder Update

We have recently updated the auto responder with a new feature : Set delivered on estimated delivery.

Currently auto-responders detect if a package has been delivered by checking with the actual carrier. However this only works with USPS,UPS and FEDEX. The other smaller carriers often do not offer an automated way of getting information about the shipping.

This means that for some of your orders, the shipping status will never reach ‘Delivered’ and any of your auto-responders depending on the Delivered status will not work.

The solution for this is to set the order as delivered as soon as the estimated delivery date has passed.

Now there are sellers that prefer to send out more emails and there are that prefer 100% accuracy.  After all, the estimated delivery date is estimated.

To accommodate both views to this issue we have added an option in your Auto responder configuration page.

When disabled, your auto-responders will work as before. Orders are only marked as delivered when we get confirmation from the supported carriers.

When enabled, supported carriers still work the same, but for unsupported carriers we use the Estimated Delivery Date given to us by Amazon to set the Delivered status of the order.

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