ZonPages – Software designed for Amazon Sellers

Customer Segments

Customer segmentation tool helps to divide the customer base into groups and sub-groups based on their characteristics or patterns. 

The tool employs various segmentation methods such as demographic (age, sex, education, marital status, family income, nationality), geographic (country, area, city, population, zip code), behavioral (purchase history, attitude toward product or brand, buyers’ searches, timing), and psychographic (habits, hobbies, political views, lifestyle, social status) segmentation to enable our customers to target their customers in personalized and effective ways, which increases the likelihood of converting them into paying clients.

The process of customer segmentation begins with the collection of customer information, which is then used by the tool to perform segmentation. 

The software utilizes social media insight data to assist companies in focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs), streamlining the process of data collection and distribution.