ZonPages – Software designed for Amazon Sellers

Orders Manager

The orders manager tool allows for a customizable view of current orders, including order details such as product, buyer, and shipping information. Users can filter by date range or specific order types using the Search function. The tool also enables various order-related tasks, such as printing packing slips, confirming shipment, or issuing refunds. It is designed for multichannel, multifulfillment sellers and offers a comprehensive view of sales and order fulfillment data. It synchronizes data from various sources, including sales channels, CRM, warehouses, 3PLs, and POS systems, to help retailers minimize storage costs and free up capital. Amazon sellers can use the software tools to track inventory levels, deliveries, sales, and orders originating from their Amazon sales channels, and import FBA orders and inventory for accurate customer data and analytics. It also allows for forecasting per FBA warehouse, providing detailed information such as buy box price, units sold, and sales velocity.