ZonPages – Software designed for Amazon Sellers

Product Segments


This tool designed to divide products into small, real-time segments based on similar characteristics such as ASIN, ratings, sales, prices, and more. This enables to focus on each segment individually and monitor the products within those segments. 

The tool allows for the instant viewing of critical product information, including cost of goods sold (COGS), sales history, units sold, average sales, and other relevant data. In addition, any new products that meet the segment’s conditions will be automatically added to the group. 


The unique filters for each new product segment:

– Seller account

– Product / Product details/ Status

– Parent ASIN

– Ratings

– Sales history last 2 weeks

– Units All Time

– Avg. sales 7 days

– Avg. sales 14 days

– Avg. sales 30 days


– Sales All Time

– Inventory retail

– Inventory cost

– Daily Velocity Units, avg.

– Profit All Time

– Margin All Time


Monitor the performance of each product segment individually through detailed sales overview graphs to tailor the attention to the most profitable segments.