ZonPages – Software designed for Amazon Sellers

Products Manager

Clara Technologies Corp. offers a Products Manager tool for Amazon sellers to monitor their products’ stats and details. It enables sellers to analyze data points based on different time ranges and effortlessly view parent and child views of their products. With software tools, sellers can track their products’ sales history, monitor changes in product ranking, and analyze their products’ performance in terms of volume and sales amount. ZonPages also allows sellers to track and compare multiple metrics at once, including profits vs margins, reviews vs inventory, sessions vs. conversions, TACoS vs ACoS, and more, using product-specific charts and overview graphs. Sellers can view statistics for all product variations grouped by parent ASIN and monitor their performance with our easy-to-read mini graphs. Additionally, important data such as daily velocity, revenue share, BSR history, and estimated days of stock based on inventory levels and average sales per day can be viewed. ZonPages also allows sellers to manually add multiple COGS or bulk upload them using a pre-filled CSV file, providing a proper sales breakdown in the dashboard and products module.