ZonPages – Software designed for Amazon Sellers

Reverse ASIN

The software utilizes the reverse ASIN lookup technique to identify high-performing keywords associated with the products. This involves analyzing the listing of the competitors’ products to determine the keywords for which their listings are indexed in Amazon’s search results. The tool provides a list of keywords, along with their associated cost-per-click and search volume data. The sellers compare these keywords to their own to identify potential opportunities for optimization. The tool includes the analyze of the results by reviewing the relevancy score, search volume, and CPC bid amount for all keywords used by the competitors in their product listing. The tool also includes a switch option to identify common and exclusive keywords across multiple listings. To monitor the performance of these keywords, software tracks their position and rank in search results and export them to an excel sheet for future reference. This information is used to inform the marketing and advertising strategies and improve the visibility and sales of the products.