Amazon Inventory Protector

Protect your inventory when using % OFF discount claim codes

As many of you know, on November 7th 2016, Amazon has removed the option to create the "$ OFF" promos, limiting promotions to “% OFF” only. No big deal. Right? Let’s use just “% OFF” promotions in our launches. But apparently, there was one more change.

You cannot limit the number of units a person can order using a “% OFF” discount code anymore.

Even if you set “One redemption per customer”, even if you use single-use claim codes, it’s not possible (within Seller Central admin panel).

In case you did not understand what has just happened - you can still generate single-use “% OFF” claim codes and give them to your clients, but one client (an arbitrageur? a competitor?) can come and wipe out your whole inventory with that one claim code!

Maybe it is a bug? Is it intentional? No one knows (but Amazon).

But it's not the end of the world...

We have found a TOS friendly method of protecting your inventory during launches.

Actually, we have found a way to limit the the number of units a person can order.

First, you have to look if you can change "Max. Order Quantity" for your products. Go to manage inventory, click on edit. In the tab Offer you may or may not have Max. Order Quantity field. It depends on your product. If you have, Good, you can set it to "1" there during your launch.

If not, there is a way to update the Max Order Quantity field through Amazon’s MWS API (programmatically). It means that for any product you can limit the buyers to purchase a specific quantity for any one order with one API call.

We have tried and tested this method successfully and now we use it for our product launches. What we do is, we limit the Max Order Quantity to 1 during the launch, and after the launch is done, we set it back to, say 50 or 100 or whatever you want, up to 999 (default). BTW it is a good practice to protect your inventory from getting wiped out by competitors (and later getting returned to Amazon).

We have decided to make this tool public,
and make it free for all

We will need your MWS AUTHORIZATION and your AMAZON SELLER ID for you to be able to connect to Amazon’s MWS API and control your Max Order Quantity.

A screenshot of the Amazon inventory protector
This is how the tool looks once you log in and sync.

Enjoy! Use it for your launches and spread the word!

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